Stretch your Mornings

How many of you wake up with back pain?
This could help you relieve some of it. Contact your physio for an appointment.



In most cases, back pain in the morning is caused by tense muscles. One simple way to relax your muscles is to stretch regularly every morning. But the health benefits of stretching in the morning go beyond back pain relief. There are many other health benefits of stretching you should know about. Four most important health benefits of stretching in the morning are explained in the article below.

Health benefits of stretching in the morning go beyond back pain relief

4 most important health benefits of stretching in the morning

1. Stretching in the morning reduces and prevents back pain


How often have you woke up in the morning and felt back pain? If you know that the back pain isn´t caused by illness or injury, there is a great change you will find help from stretching. Stretching relieves and prevents back pain by reducing tensions in your spine…

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How Proper Ergonomics Can Help Eliminate Repetitive Stress Injuries

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happy workerSimply put, Ergonomics refers to how well a person’s work environment fits their body.

Ergonomics can apply to any type of industry or profession, from wood mills and department stores to teachers and accountants.

Ergonomics doesn’t just apply to situations in the workforce, either. Ensuring a good fit between a job and a person is also beneficial when gardening, performing housework, or simply logging onto a computer to surf the net.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) develop when small amounts of strain are placed on tissues over many repetitions or for long periods of time. While improving a person’s strength and flexibility can help resolve RSIs, ultimately, the conditions creating the stress to the body need to be addressed.  An RSI can easily result from poor ergonomics, and can be difficult to treat.

RSIs usually develop as a result of a worker spending a lot of the time at work in a less-than-ideal position…

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Importance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapist in Vancouver.The best solution of pain is said to be physiotherapy, and it has proved over time that it is one of the most effective ways to fight against major or minor pains. Prescribing physiotherapy can never be wrong when it comes to curing pain or some sort of injury.

When you have an injury or joint pain, the physiotherapist twists and folds your limbs in such a way that the pain relievers with time. The contortion is the part of the treatment and you must not worry about it. They usually suggest you to exercise, stretch, or even heat therapy in some cases. They are usually combined with massage, depending upon the seriousness of the pain. There are people who find physiotherapy a lengthy process, and have a painkiller instead. The pain will be relieved within minutes, but they might even have side effects, which physiotherapy will not.


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Moving house?

How many of you had to move house recently?
Not a comfortable experience indeed…
That sagging feeling when you look at all the boxes, the tired arms and neck after hours of hanging curtains and the pain if cleaning the kitchen floor for the hundredth time…
I have experienced it this weekend, and I just again realize how important correct ergonomics is to your body.  How boxes should be picked up, what counts as too heavy, and when should you ask someone to help you lift.
Well, I am on a mission to find the exact stats and figures and will post them somewhere this week. (In between the unpacking and cleaning…)

Take care!